How to Clean Hardwood Floors

If your business or company has wood floors, it’s important to maintain proper floor cleaning techniques and get your floor professionally refinished every 5-10 years. A commercial cleaning company can use high-quality cleaning equipment to sand, seal and buff your wood floors so that they look great and give your business a professional appearance.

Professional Hardwood Floor Cleaning Tips

Don’t use wax products on urethane finishes. In fact, urethane finished floors often only need a good sweeping or vacuuming to reduce damage caused by dirt and grit. A regular thorough sweeping is necessary to prevent particles from scratching floor and creating an overall “dull” appearance. It’s a great idea to place rugs and mats on the floor, particularly at door entrances, to help minimize overall dirt build-up.

When sweeping, make sure you use a broom with fine, exposed ends.

Vacuuming is a great way to pick up particles on your wood floor, but be careful not to use attachments that will scratch the floor. Whenever possible, use a brush attachment.

Don’t let liquid spills and puddles sit on the floor.

Hire a professional cleaner to re-coat a urethane-finished floor approximately every 3-5 years. Tung oil (or China wood oil) may also need to be applied to high-traffic areas. If your floor has been treated with tung oil, do not use water on it as it will leave white spots.

Place felt tips under furniture legs to prevent scratches.

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